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What You Should Prepare when Study in Netherlands

Studying on a beautiful campus with the international standard educational quality might be one of the reasons why you applied for a scholarship in Netherland. You can imagine it will be so fun and it turns out that reality is not that beautiful if you go without any preparation at all. If you have solid preparation, then there is no need to worry anymore, everything will be as beautiful as you imagine before. There are many things that you should prepare first to catch up your scholarship in Netherlands for Indonesian.

The language here

The instruction language here is English, so ensure that your fluency level of English is good enough so that there is no obstacle to attend lectures. The common problem is, even though your TOEFL or IELTS scores are eligible, but once you have got into the class  – it still feels kind of awkward. It does not mean that you do not understand at all, but because it is a new thing for you. while you are in Indonesia, even though the course is in a good place, the environment where uses full English is very limited so that it is normal if in a few first weeks you might feel difficult to take lessons and sometimes a bit panic.

Academic Culture in the Netherlands

If previously you only listen to an English teacher to explain in front of the class, then doing exercises and just go home. Then you might not be used when this is your first time to study in the Netherlands. The lectures are so interactive here. students were required to express their opinions openly in class. Presentations and group work are very common when studying in the Netherlands.

You should know that study in the Netherlands is so different like in Indonesia, but all of your hard work will be paid off. Get a degree from a university in the Netherlands, then your prospect is certainly guaranteed.

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